Surprisingly, Nothing from Carl Pei is working on a phone for early 2022

The company with the ingenious name of Carl Pei, Nothing, has so far succeeded in launching only one product, the pair of Nothing ear (1) of true wireless headphones. But that will all change soon.

Surprising absolutely no one, it turns out that Nothing works on a phone. Our lack of astonishment comes from the fact that before leaving and founding Nothing, Carl Pei was the co-founder of OnePlus.

The Nothing phone also makes sense in light of Nothing’s recent announcement of a strategic partnership with Qualcomm. Guess who else has (or at least had) one? OnePlus.

It’ll be an interesting move considering how OnePlus has evolved since Pei left, integrating with Oppo on just about every front, including software, which is destined to become a mere variant of ColorOS (like Realme UI).

Surprisingly, Nothing from Carl Pei is working on a phone for early 2022

With everything going on, could Nothing step in and fill the OnePlus enthusiast-focused shoes and pick up the flagship killer coat? We’ll have to wait and see, but given that the Nothing earbuds are decidedly mid-range and very expensive, without being lower than their main competitors in terms of price, we think it’s way too early for the say with certainty.

Either way, we’ll find out soon enough, as the Nothing phone is expected to go official in early 2022. At some point before that, we apparently get a power bank that will be called Nothing Power (1).


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