The Untold Truth of Joe Keery

Keery’s four sisters are, of course, a big part of his life. But did you know they are actually the reason he is where he is today? During his years at Newburyport High School, his older sister Caroline can be credited with getting Keery to play in the first place. Caroline was participating in a school production of “The Pajama Game”, when she recruited her first-grade brother to join the technical team, as they needed additional people. “Caroline kind of dragged me,” he told Newburyport News, “she said, ‘No, you’re going to do this. She kind of got me involved in it all and I kept doing that for pretty much the whole time in high school.”

Thanks to the experience he gained while participating in Theater in the Open, the aspiring actor quickly transitioned from backstage crew to onstage talent. He would continue down this path in college, landing roles in “Spring Awakening” and “Angels in America, Part 2: Perestroika.” If we’ve learned anything about Keery, it’s that fame isn’t a driver for his acting quest. He values ​​the art of the profession rather than the recognition acquired, and he thanks his sister every day for having introduced him to the world of theatre.

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