Tihar is transformed into a fortress to suppress the use of the telephone in prison | Delhi News

Install three mobile network jammers, walkie-talkies for prison staff, install 7,000 CCTV cameras, transfer 120 inmates to another ward or prison, procure two body x-ray scanners – these are some of the measures taken by the Tihar Prison Administration to stop detainees from using telephones.

Criticizing the “sad state of affairs” in Tihar prison, the Supreme Court said last month that there was “an urgent need for prison reforms and better prison management”. He also asked the Union Interior Ministry to assess him on the follow-up to the recommendations made in this regard by the Delhi Police Commissioner.

The court was a hearing of a case in which he ordered the transfer of the developers of the Unitech Ltd real estate company Sanjay and Ajay Chandra, who were housed at Tihar Prison, Arthur Road Prison and Central Prison de Taloja following a report from the Enforcement Directorate that the duo had a free run in Tihar and even flouted the prison manual in collusion with the authorities.

Director General (Prisons) Sandeep Goel told The Indian Express that they had installed three “towers” to reduce mobile network coverage inside the prison complex. “The jammers are functional and now the phones, including ours, are not working inside the prison complex. We use a WiFi connection in our headquarters and our staff use an intercom as well as a walkie-talkie system to communicate. We are also in the process of procuring more walkie talkies in the next few days, ”he said.

The prison administration was also brought under control after Delhi police, in their indictment filed against con artist Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who is on trial for allegedly duping Rs 200 crore from the wife. of former Ranbaxy promoter Shivinder Singh, said he paid Rs 25 crore-Rs 30 crore a year to prison officials to have an entire barracks for himself.

“We also identified 120 probable and troubling mobile users among inmates and transferred them to other prisons to break the chain of their connivance with anyone. We also regularly transfer our prison staff so that they cannot develop any kind of collusion with anyone, ”said the DG.

“We also got approval from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) to install two full body x-ray scanners,” he said.
Goel added that they had also installed 7,000 cameras and created 18 control rooms to monitor the activities of inmates from inside the prisons. “We recently prevented a suicide attempt after our staff saw an inmate attempt to hang himself with a towel from the ventilator in his cell. Our staff immediately sounded the alarm and rushed to their ward to stop it. He was transferred to the DDU and was released after the treatment, ”he said.

The prison administration has 150 body cameras and has purchased 375 more to record any incidents of aggressive behavior by inmates or inappropriate conduct by prison staff.

“We also purchased Non-Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD) and a Deep Search Metal Detector (DSMD) to do extensive searches in barracks and inmate cells,” Goel said. An NLJD device can detect any electronic circuit even if it is turned off.

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