Top 5 Most Popular Korean Restaurants in Denver, Colorado | restaurant review

This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


5. Korean cuisine and grills Bop & Gogi

If you are looking for fast, fresh and delicious Korean food, this is the place for you. Authentic meals at Bop & Gogi Korean Kitchen and Grill offer traditional Korean cuisine as well as street food and a bit of fusion. They have many options to order, all scattered in generous, quick and tasty portions. You can order by phone, online, on site at the kiosk or from the cashier who is always friendly and ready to help.

4. Chilgogi Korean BBQ

Fresh food and healthy options are available at Korean Chilgogi BBQ. The simple menu offers choices for vegetarians and meat eaters, all served alongside fresh vegetables. You can also choose to have rice or green vegetables as the base for your meal. The clean and bright restaurant is filled with friendly, helpful staff who are ready to explain how the food is served.

3. tofu house

If you’re trying to dive into a delicious tofu soup, Tofu House is your best bet. You can choose between different proteins, such as seafood, beef, vegetables, etc. Excellent flavors and value are matched by a comfortable atmosphere and excellent service. If you choose not to cook your Korean BBQ they will do it for you. This constant food may be slightly overpriced, but for what you get, it’s worth it.

2. Seoul ManDoo

This small restaurant is more of a take out restaurant with a small number of tables inside and a few more outside. Located in a mall, Seoul ManDoo is a nice little place with an intimate atmosphere and taste. Once you’ve tried their fresh dumplings, you can stop by to buy some of the store’s frozen goodies on your next visit. The delicious food is quick to receive, especially for those who choose the take-out menu.

1. Mono Mono Korean Fried Chicken

This bar and restaurant is the perfect gem to visit if you are looking for delicious fried chicken sandwiches. From sauces to bread to spices, this place always gets it right. Everything is presented with excellent crunch and incredible flavor. As for the bar part, they have a lot of beers and soju to choose from.

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