Townhouses planned for the Metuchen New Durham Road site

METUCHEN – New housing units may arrive on New Durham Road.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment is scheduled to hold a videoconference hearing on an application for an eight townhouse complex with rear parking at 7:45 p.m. on September 9, according to a public notice.

The project is presented by the applicant A&G Renovations LLC. The applicant is requesting approval of the site plan as well as exemptions for the property located at 434 New Durham Road.

The property, located near the Middlesex Greenway, is in a zoned business district. The applicant will seek preliminary and final approval of the main site plan with exceptions for the minimum front yard on New Durham Road and Adams Street, the minimum side yard, the maximum building height, with 35 feet required and 44 , 36 feet proposed, and a derogation of use for a Building in an activity zone.

During the videoconference meeting, the public will have full access to the hearing and will also be able to make public comments, present objections and / or cross-examine witnesses on the request. The agenda, which has not yet been posted, and the exhibitions are available on the borough’s website at

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Members of the public wishing to attend the virtual meeting must have a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone and internet connectivity capable of supporting Zoom. A Zoom participant who wishes to address the board by voice, with or without video, must have an electronic device with a camera and / or microphone. People wishing to attend by telephone can participate by dialing the telephone number indicated in the instructions on the Borough’s website.

Members of the public interested in participating but unable to attend by video conference or telephone should contact the Board Secretary during regular business hours at 732 632-8556 or

Members of the public who wish to testify, present documents or refer to exhibits, and / or undertake cross-examination at the public hearing, are strongly encouraged to provide their name and address to the Secretary of Council by email or phone before the meeting to reduce delays during the public hearing.


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