Trump’s chances of escaping criminal charges in Georgia don’t look good

President Trump: Well, you better check the ballots because they shred the ballots, Ryan. I’m just telling you, Ryan. They shred the ballots. And you should watch this very carefully. Because it’s so illegal. You know you can’t even believe it because it’s so bad. But they shred the ballots because they think we’ll get there eventually… Because we’ll get to Fulton eventually. In my opinion, it is never too late…. So this is the story. Look, we only need 11,000 votes. We have much more than that as it is now. We will have more and more. And… do you have any provisional ballots, Brad? Provisional votes?

Brad Raffensperger: Provisional ballots are permitted by state law.

President Trump: Sure, but I mean, are they counted, or have you just withheld them, because they, you know, in other words, how many draft ballots do you have in the state?

Brad Raffensperger: We will give you that number.

President Trump: Because most of them are named after Trump. Because these are people who were ripped off when they arrived. And we have thousands of people who have testified or want to testify. When they entered, they were proudly going to vote on November 3rd. And we said to them, “I’m sorry, you have already been elected, you have already voted. The women, the men started shouting, “No. I proudly voted until November 3. They said, “I’m sorry, but you’ve already been elected and you have a ballot. And these people are beside themselves. So they got out, and they filled out a provisional ballot, putting the name Trump on it…. I do not know. Listen, Brad. I have to get … I have to find 12,000 votes, and I get them often. And so I won the state. This is before moving on to the next step, which is underway at the moment. You know, and I looked at you this morning, and you said, well, there was no crime.

But I mean all of this stuff is very dangerous stuff. When you talk about non-crime, I think it’s very dangerous for you to say that.

Observation: I felt then – and I still believe today – that it was a threat. Others obviously thought so too, as some of Trump’s more radical supporters responded as if it was their duty to follow through on this threat.

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