Ukrainian crisis: NATO moves its personnel out of Kiev; Blinken denounces the demands of the Kremlin – live | world news

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has challenged the West to explain why it hasn’t done more to protect Ukraine, not just now that the country was under threat of invasion by Russia, but during the onslaught of the past eight years. Describing the policy as a policy of appeasement, he called on world leaders to come together to create a new security architecture.

He also called on NATO to give an indication of how long it would take for Ukraine to become a member, and in the meantime for the country to receive security guarantees.

Flying to Munich from Kiev with America warning that a Russian attack on its capital was imminent, Zelenskiy said he had left his country in good hands with his soldiers and his people. “I had my breakfast in Ukraine and I am going to have dinner in Ukraine,” he reassured the public.

He used much of his 20-minute speech to challenge the West over what had happened to his pledge to join NATO, and asked what message the West had for the two soldiers killed on the line head on Saturday.

He said he did not know what Vladimir Putin wanted, which is why he proposed a meeting, saying he was ready to discuss the Minsk agreements with him.

“We don’t need your sanctions after our country was bombed and we lost our borders.”

He added that if Russia withdrew its troops there would be no sanctions, but then said he was concerned “if the West can’t even disclose what will happen to whom when the war starts, I doubt that it be triggered after it has occurred”.

He insisted that his army remains calm, resilient and mature in the face of cynical Russian attacks on territory it controls, he nevertheless acknowledged that the risks were high and that a provocative shell fire could still trigger the war. He said his country could not ensure stability if there were constant predictions of war the next day.

“Ukraine yearns for peace. Europe aspires to peace. The world says it doesn’t want war and Russia claims it wants to intervene. Someone here is lying.

He said: “We are told that NATO’s doors are open but at the moment we are told that is not possible. Are these doors really open? Got an open door but strangers don’t seem to be allowed.

“Open doors are good, but we need answers,” he said. “If you don’t want to see us there, be honest about it. All of these questions call for answers.

Recalling recent attacks on a kindergarten in eastern Ukraine, he said “kids weren’t going to NATO, they were going to their classrooms.”

He began by asking, “Has our world completely forgotten the mistakes of the 20th century and where does the politics of appeasement generally lead?” These are horrible history lessons. How did we get here in the 21st century where war is going on and people are dying, how did we get to the biggest security crisis since the end of the cold war? »

He added: “Our world’s security architecture is fragile, outdated, and the rules agreed upon decades ago no longer work. The security system is slow and repeatedly fails us. »

He blamed “global selfishness, arrogance and irresponsibility. Some countries resort to crime and others to indifference”.

“It is too late to repair the current architecture. It’s high time to get a new one before paying with millions of victims.

He promised that his country would meet its needs with or without the help of its partners.

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