[Update: July 20] Apple iOS 14/iPadOS 14 update bugs/issues tracker: Reported, acknowledged, & fixed

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Original story (published on November 18, 2020) follows:

Apple’s latest and greatest version of its mobile operating system known as iOS 14 was announced on June 2020, and subsequently released on September 16.

iOS 14 is arguably one of the biggest updates offered by Cupertino perhaps since iOS 11 for its iPhone series.

The operating system comes with a plethora of new features like widget support, App Library, Compact UI, search improvements and much more.

The Apple iPhone 11

Moreover, Apple has yet again proven its reliability and continued software support by releasing the update for all the devices that previously got the iOS 13 update – all the way back to the iPhone 6s series.

Other devices that received the update are: iPhone SE, iPhone 7 series, iPhone 8 series, iPhone X and XR, iPhone XS series, and the iPhone 11 series.

And yeah, the iPhone 12 series comes with iOS 14 out of the box, of course.


iPhone 12 Pro has iOS 14 pre-installed

One unsurprising thing though, about not just iOS, but software in general, is the presence of unwanted guests. After every major update, the number of reports pertaining to all sorts of bugs see a huge spike.

The iOS 14 update is no different, and although Apple does offer a pretty systematic beta program to filter out potential bugs and issues, a few always end up reaching the stable releases.

These bugs/issues/problems usually get acknowledged almost immediately by Apple, while others stay on for a while.

With that being said, we keep track of such developments and provide crucial information about their status as soon as there are any updates, in this article.

New updates will be added in the section below, iOS 14/iPad OS 14 bugs issues tracker follows after this section

Update 1 (November 20)

IST 10:35 am: Many users on iOS 14 are reporting that they aren’t able to stack large widgets easily since the widget keeps jumping to a different page or creates a new one. Apple is yet to acknowledge the problem. Full story and workarounds here.

IST 10:39 am: Apparently, iPhone 12 series users are taking to Apple community forums and Reddit to share their concerns about the devices overheating. The problem seems to be most apparent on the iPhone 12 Pro, however, other devices in the series are also affected. Head here for more details.

IST 04:25 pm: Apple has released iOS 14.2.1 for the iPhone 12 series which apparently brings a few fixes for the company’s new smartphones.

According to the changelog, it fixes the bug which resulted in the Lockscreen becoming unresponsive. Further, it addresses the MMS messages issue. We’ve added a screenshot of the updatelog below:



Update 2 (November 21)

IST 06:15 pm: It seems users that the iOS 14.2.1 update has landed at least one user’s device into a bootloop. Further, instead of solving problems, the iOS 14.2.1 update appearrs to have brought over the SMS problems to those who previously didn’t have them as per a report.

Update 3 (November 23)

IST 01:15 pm: More reports from users are coming in suggesting that the missing push notifications issue has not been addressed with the iOS 14.2.1 update. Therefore, users will have to continue waiting for Apple to release another update to address the problem. More on this here.

Update 4 (November 24)

IST 11:10 am: Many iPhone 7 users are reporting that the microphone has stopped working in most cases after installing the iOS 14 update. The issue has also been reported on other iPhones too. Head here to know more.

IST 11:15 am: Several iPhone 11 series users are also claiming that the speakerphone keeps cutting out during phone calls even after the iOS 14 update. The issue was first reported by users on iOS 13. Full coverage here.

IST 11:25 am: iOS 14 users have noticed that there is no option to turn off the headphone safety setting on their devices after the iOS 14.2 update. Further, this may not be a bug and, instead, is working as Apple intended it to. More details here.

IST 02:40 pm: Some users on iOS 14 are claiming that certain videos simply do not play and an error message pops up saying “Unable to load video”. There are a few user-suggested workarounds that you can try out in case you are experiencing the issue.


I did find a workaround… I was able to import into iMovie and play the files. This fits my needs for now but Apple…?? What is going on. This needs a fix. (Source)

Simply toggle favourite video on and off and immediately video is able to load. (Source)

Duplicate the video in Photos app fixes it for me. (Source)

Update 5 (November 25)

IST 01:35 pm: Many iPhone users with the latest iOS 14.2 update installed on their devices are reporting that they aren’t able to use the Google Authenticator application. However, it seems the problem is fixed after re-installing the app. More details here.

Update 6 (November 26)

IST 10:40 am: Several iPhone 12 Pro users have been reporting that they are facing issues while trying to charge the device wirelessly. Moreover, the latest iOS 14.2.1 update claimed to have fixed the problem, however, that does not seem to be the case. Full story here.

IST 07:30 pm: Apparently, many iOS 14 users are facing issues while trying to view the lyrics of a song on Apple Music. It’s possible that the iOS 14.3 update might fix the issue, until then, here’s what you can do.

IST 07:35 pm: Some users with devices on iOS 14 are seeing a “Decryption failed (null)” error when accessing password-protected Word & Excel documents. Head here to know more about the problem.

Update 7 (November 27)

IST 04:55 pm: iOS 14 users are reporting that they are randomly getting a pop up asking for their email and password multiple times. The issue seems to be affecting those with Microsoft Outlook accounts the most. Full coverage here.

Update 8 (November 28)

IST 10:20 am: iPhone 12 users are reporting that they are facing keyboard and lock sound issues even after installing the iOS 14.3 beta update on their devices. Head here to know more about the problems.

IST 05:30 pm: Users who have installed the iOS 14.2 update are reporting that sender names are now displayed in reverse within the Apple Mail application. Fortunately, there’s a temporary fix that you can try out. Head here for the full story.

IST 05:44 pm: After installing the iPadOS 14 update on their iPads, users are reporting that the mouse pointer size has become too large. At present, the problem can be fixed via a quick workaround that you can check out here.

IST 06:05 pm: Some iPhone and even iPad users are claiming that they are experiencing typing lag/delay issues in the Notes and Messages apps even after the latest iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 updates. Head here to know more.

Update 9 (December 02)

IST 05:50 pm: Many iPhone users are just noticing that the iOS 14 update has removed the shooting start animation from iMessage. Head here for the full story.

Update 10 (December 03)

IST 03:20 pm: After installing the iOS 14 and watchOS 7 updates, some Apple Watch users are complaining that their Watch doesn’t ring after using the wireless CarPlay function through their iPhone. For the workarounds and a detailed description of the problem, head here.

IST 07:05 pm: Several users with iPhones and Macs are claiming that their Safari tabs are not syncing properly via iCloud after they installed the macOS Big Sur and iOS 14 updates on their devices. Check out more details on the problem here.

Update 11 (December 04)

IST 07:00 pm: Apparently, some Apple Watch users are still claiming that the Apple Watch application crashes on their iPhones even after installing the iOS 14.2 or iOS 14.3 (beta) updates which supposedly brought a fix for the problem. Full coverage here.

Update 12 (December 05)

IST 06:00 pm: Some users who installed the iOS 14.2 update are claiming that no members appear in the contact groups feature in the default Apple Mail app. Head here for the full story.

Update 13 (December 07)

IST 07:40 pm: Some Apple Watch users who have iOS 14 installed on their iPhones are claiming that their phone starts ringing when a new Walkie Talkie conversation is initiated. Head here to know all the details.

Update 14 (December 08)

IST 09:50 am: Apparently, after installing the iOS 14.2 update, users are reportedly noticing severe battery drain on their iPhones. Further, some users also claim that the charging time has also increased.

Update 15 (December 09)

IST 06:12 pm: iPhone users who have installed the iOS 14 update are claiming that GIFs are being saved as still photos when downloading them on Google Chrome and Safari. Check out our detailed coverage here.

Update 16 (December 15)

IST 09:30 am: Some iPhone users have noticed that their phone takes screenshots automatically after they installed the iOS 14 update. See more details along with a workaround here.

IST 03:55 pm: The iOS 14.3 update is live for everyone to download and it appears that the update fixes the problem which prevented users from charging their iPhone 12 series wirelessly. More details here.

IST 05:33 pm: It appears that the iOS 14.3 update has fixed the missing notifications issue that was introduced via the iOS 14 update. Check out more details here.

IST 06:56 pm: Some users who installed the iOS 14 update have noticed that the bottom row of icons keep getting rearranged in reverse order automatically. Check out more details here.

Update 17 (December 16)

IST 09:35 am: iPadOS 14 users are claiming that they aren’t able to use the Logitech Combo Touch accessory with their iPad since the trackpad stops working after a recent firmware update. Head here for all the details.

IST 10:43 am: Many iPad users were unable to download the Apple Fitness app from the App Store as they were getting an error — “This app requires specific features not available on this device.”

Luckily, Apple didn’t take too long to fix the problem and users should be able to download the app to use Apple Fitness+ on their iPads as per a report.

IST 04:25 pm: These are all the bugs and issues that were fixed via the iOS 14.3 update:

– Some MMS messages may not be received
– Some Messages notifications may not be received
– Contact groups failed to display members when composing a message
– Some videos would not appear correctly when shared from the Photos app

– App folders may fail to open
– Spotlight search results, and opening apps from Spotlight may not work
– Bluetooth could be unavailable in Settings
– Devices could be prevented from charging wirelessly

– MagSafe Duo Charger could wirelessly charge your iPhone at less than the maximum power
– Wireless accessories and peripherals using the WAC protocol could fail to complete setup
– The keyboard would dismiss when adding a list in Reminders while using VoiceOver

Update 18 (December 17)

IST 12:20 pm: Apparently, the notification issue has still not been fixed for some iPhone users even after installing the latest iOS 14.3 update on their devices. Head here for the full story.

Update 19 (December 18)

IST 11:20 pm: Multiple users have reported that the iOS 14.3 update broke the Wi-Fi Calling feature on their devices. It seems that mostly Jio users were affected but a carrier update soon resolved the issue.

After updating to iOS 14.3 jio wifi calling option is disappeared.

Just updated to iOS 14.3 and it broke Wifi calling feature on my iPhone 11 pro. I cannot find WiFi calling in cellular settings either. Has anyone experienced the same!

I updated to iOS 14.3 yesterday and wifi calling option is gone. I use Jio physical single sim card. It was there till 14.2.1 but gone now. I am not sure whether it is bug of 14.3 or there is some compatibility issue of jio and latest iOS update.

Update: I just received a career setting automatically and it is resolved now. I can use wifi calling. Solved!

Update 20 (December 21)

IST 03:40 pm: The issue wherein individuals were unable to see members in contact groups when composing a message has been fixed via the iOS 14.3 update as per the official changelog. More on this here.

Update 22 (December 23)

Several iPhone users are getting stuck on a “Preparing video” progress wheel when trying to edit videos through Apple Photos on iOS 14. Read all about it from here.

Update 21 (December 24)

IST 11:07am: It appears that some users who complained about not receiving notifications on iOS 14 have fixed the problem by simply turning off the Attention Aware feature. Read more about it from here.

Update 22 (December 30)

IST 02:27 pm: Several iPhone users have reported that they bump into freezing and lag issues when taking screenshots since the onset of the iOS 14 update. Read more about it from here.

Update 23 (December 31)

IST 03:54 pm: A string of complaints about the ‘hum to search’ not working in the Google app by iOS/iPadOS users have followed the feature’s recent release. Read all about it through this link.

Update 24 (January 27, 2021)

IST 05:34 pm: Apple has now rolled out fixes for the typing delay issue with the iOS 14.4 update that released yesterday. Read more here.

Update 25 (January 28)

IST 12:18 pm: The iOS 14.4 update has brought about a potential fix for the headphones safety notification issue that has worked for several users. More info here.

IST 07:16 pm: Several iOS users were facing a “Cannot play title Please try again later” playback error on the Netflix app which has now been fixed with the iOS 14.4 update. For more details, head here.

Update 26 (February 02)

IST 06:51 pm: The recently released iOS 14.4 update has introduced some serious connectivity issues on Braille displays like the Mantis & Chameleon. For details, head here.

Update 27 (February 04)

IST 03:05 pm: For those who have been experiencing call dropping/crashing issue when using Facetime, it seems the recent iOS 14.4 update fixed the bug, as per user reports.

I’ve had this problem when calling from my iPad on 14.2 to my father on iPad 9.x. After updating my iPad to 14.4 the FaceTime call lasted 1 hour without dropping. I had to go to sleep so hung up. I think it fixed it

Within the last few days, ios updates 12.5.1 and 14.4 have been released. Having upgraded all of my devices – old and new – I checked to see if this reported Facetime drop-out issue remains. Good news is, IT APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN FIXED. So far, I have run the following test which would have resulted in Facetime call drop-out after 7-8 minutes prior to the upgrades:
1) iPad 2019 7th Gen (running ios 14.4) facetime calling an iPad Air (running ios 12.5.1). 2 HOUR call maintained connection with no drop out!

Update 28 (February 05)

11:11 am (IST): With each update, the chances of Apple actually fixing the missing notifications issue introduced with iOS 14 seem to be diminishing. The bug has persisted even with their recently released iOS 14.4 update. For further details, head here.

Update 29 (February 16)

04:03 pm (IST): It is now emerging that searching for an app in iOS 14 App Library does not return the results in alphabetical order as it should. See details here.

07:04 pm (IST): Several iPhone users on iOS 14.5 beta are reporting random connectivity/network drops (‘No service’ issue), and we got possible workarounds here.

Update 30 (February 19)

05:28 pm (IST): The “Show Full Album” feature has gone missing on Apple Music following the iOS 14.5 Beta 2 update, but there’s one thing that can be done. Head here to know more.

Update 31 (March 04)

06:00 pm (IST): Reports doing rounds suggest that iOS 14 could be the culprit behind the annoying Google Nest “Something went wrong” issue with respect to local network access. Details here.

Update 32 (March 09)

11:29 am (IST): iOS and iPadOS users have a new security update that arrives as version 14.4.1, tagging along fixes for a memory corruption issue that would have otherwise resulted in processing maliciously crafted web content.

Impact: Processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution

Description: A memory corruption issue was addressed with improved validation.

Update 33 (March 11)

06:39 pm (IST): iOS users of the Gmail app are reporting an issue with the theme setting after a recent update to the Google app. Details here.

Update 34 (March 15)

11:45 am (IST): It looks like the issue where WhatsApp voice notes won’t play in iOS 14.5 beta is finally getting fixed, probably in the next update.

The status of the bug report, as seen in the screenshot below, has been changed to “potential fix identified”.



Update 35 (March 16)

04:26 pm (IST): A new development claims Apple is now looking into the screenshot freezing issue on iOS 14 perhaps with an aim to address it in a near-future update. Details here.

Update 36 (March 24)

12:11 pm (IST): It’s now emerging that Apple may have removed the 5G SA toggle in iOS 14.5 beta 5 for T-Mobile users. Details here.

Update 37 (April 02)

09:14 pm (IST): The iOS 14.5 update will allow iPhone 11 series users to recalibrate the maximum battery capacity and peak performance capability under the battery health system. This will lead to the display of more accurate battery stats. More details here.

Update 38 (April 08)

11:52 am (IST): Some users of the iOS 14.5 Beta 6 report that their “Allow Apps to Request to Track” option in settings is frozen. For more on that, check out our coverage of the same here.

Update 39 (April 21)

05:52 pm (IST): Some iPhone users have been troubled by the missing caller blocking and identification features on the Truecaller app. Head here to try a possible workaround.

Update 40 (April 27)

06:25 pm (IST): The iOS 14.5 stable update fixes a bunch of bugs and issues including the iCloud tabs not syncing properly with Safari problem and more. Check out all the details here.

Update 41 (April 28)

05:51 pm (IST): It is now confirmed that iOS 14.5 update enables Standalone 5G on the T-Mobile variants of the iPhone 12 series. Details here.

06:50 pm (IST): According to a recent report, Apple’s iOS 14.5/iPadOS 14.5 update might have fixed the iMessage group conversation keeps muting issue. Check out the complete coverage here.

Update 42 (April 29)

12:30 pm (IST): Apple has now explained why the “Allow Apps to Request to Track” setting is grayed out for some. Details can be found here.

05:22 pm (IST): Some HomePod users are reporting that they are unable to download and install the latest iOS 14.5 update. For those who are able to download it, the update is stuck on configuring for hours.

While no official acknowledgement is available, there are a couple of workarounds that you can check out here.

Update 43 (April 30)

01:40 pm (IST): As per recent reports, users are unable to use the camera and flashght on some iPhone models after the iOS 14.5 update. Check out the complete coverage by heading here.

Update 44 (May 01)

02:15 pm (IST): iPad users have stumbled upon a bug on the Gmail app where the “View entire message” fails to function allegedly after iOS 14.4.1 update. The issue is yet to be acknowledged. Find more information here.

03:05 pm (IST): It appears that the ‘Allow apps to request to track’ toggle functionality has been restored, at least for some users. Check out more details here.

Update 45 (May 03)

02:22 pm (IST): Device owners have been struggling with an issue where songs won’t play or download on Apple Music after the recent iOS update. More on this here.

06:00 pm (IST): According to a recent report from Reddit, some users are facing the flashing widegets issue on the second iOS 14.6 beta update. Also, it seems that the said issue has been around for some time.

Update 46 (May 04)

03:07 pm (IST): A security update just went live for iOS and iPadOS bumping up the version to 14.5.1.

Impact: Processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution. Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited.
Description: A memory corruption issue was addressed with improved state management.

07:07 pm (IST): The iOS 14.5.1 update is not installing for a bunch of users as it gets stuck on the ‘Checking for updates’ page. But we got some workarounds.

Update 47 (May 06)

03:15 pm (IST): According to multiple reports, users of the HomePod and other Apple devices are facing some issues with Siri not working as intended with Apple Music and also not recognizing rooms for home appliances controls. More on that here.

Update 48 (May 10)

06:54 pm (IST): As per multiple reports, the iPassword app is not working or is not compatible with the latest iOS update i.e., iOS 14.5. Check out the complete coverage by heading here.

Update 49 (May 11)

12:46 pm (IST): The iOS 14.6 stable update will address the reduced iPhone performance issue during start-up as the iOS 14.5 beta 3 update has apparently fixed it. Check out all the details here.

Update 50 (May 18)

02:05 pm (IST): iPhone users are troubled by the crashing of the Apple Music app while trying to play on Apple CarPlay after the iOS 14.5.1 update. There’s a potential workaround available here.

05:47 pm (IST): Some iOS 14.5.1 users say Safari browser is showing ads even with paid ad blockers especially on YouTube, and this likely holds true for macOS users as well. More details here.

Update 50 (May 18)

04:25 pm (IST): Apple iPhones and iPads after the iOS 14.5.1 update are troubling users with a broken Siri. As reported, Siri no longer completes sentences. Find workarounds here.

Update 51 (May 25)

04:07 pm (IST): iPhone users are getting a corrupt file when transferring HEIC format portrait images to Windows. Possible workarounds available here.

05:54 pm (IST): The missing caller blocking & identification options issue has now been fixed with iOS 14.6.

06:01 pm (IST): The Siri not completing sentences issue has been fixed with the iOS 14.6 update as per some reports. More details here.

06:11 pm (IST): The iOS 14.6 update just went live with fixes for the following set of issues:

Unlock with Apple Watch may not work after using Lock iPhone on Apple Watch
Reminders may appear as blank lines
Call blocking extensions may not appear in Settings
Bluetooth devices could sometimes disconnect or send audio to a different device during an active call
iPhone may experience reduced performance during startup

08:00 pm (IST): It seems that Apple has permanently removed the AirTag developer/debug mode from the Find My app. This was first pointed out for the iOS 14.6 beta 6 and the case it same with the stable iOS 14.6 update. Check out the complete coverage here.

Update 52 (May 28)

05:31 pm (IST): Apple iPad audio skipping and glitching bug when using wired headphones on iPadOS 14.5 has lived on even after iPadOS 14.6 update, as per user reports. More details here.

Update 52 (May 29)

12:08 pm (IST): Apple Mail not loading issue continues to haunt users on iOS 14.7 even after the company claimed to have fixed this in the iOS 14.5 stable update.

04:08 pm (IST): Some iPhone users on iOS 14 have been reporting unresponsive touchscreen (areas of the screen become unusable) and we have workarounds.

06:00 pm (IST): Some iPhone users are facing an issue where the Screen Time info for apps like YouTube, Safari, and more is appearing incorrectly (up to 24 hours of usage for a day). However, several users are reporting that the same has been fixed in the latest iOS 14.6 update.

Update 53 (May 30)

02:26 pm (IST): Several iPhone users, particularly from the iPhone 12 series camp, have reported excessive battery drain issues following the iOS 14.6 update. Thankfully, there are workarounds.

Update 54 (June 02)

01:47 pm (IST): The screen brightness dimming issue on iPhone 12 series continues to trouble users even after it was claimed to have been fixed in the iOS 14.5 update. Replacement appears to be the only option now.

07:05 pm (IST): Some iPhone users say iOS Live Photo wallpaper on 3D touch plays with a half black screen but there is a possible workaround.

Update 55 (June 05)

02:27 pm (IST): The iOS 14.7 beta 2 update has a major “SIM Failure” error plaguing iPhones with e-SIMs. For details, head here.

Update 56 (June 16)

07:10 pm (IST): It seems the issue where Screen Time shows incorrect/inaccurate usage info on iPhone is still at larger even after the update to iOS 14.6. Check out the complete coverage by heading here.

Update 57 (June 18)

04:40 pm (IST): Apple released the iOS 14.7 beta 3 update recently, however, there’s no mention of a fix for the missing push notifications. Head here for more details.

Update 58 (July 06)

12:20 pm (IST): The iOS 15 beta update reportedly solves the battery drain problem affecting iOS 14.6 beta. Head here for details.

07:00 pm (IST): Apple CarPlay is not working for several users after the update to iOS 14.6. Check out the complete coverage with possible workarounds by heading here.

Update 59 (July 16)

12:20 pm (IST): Several Apple iPhone 7 users have reported that their microphone (mic) is not working after they updated their device to iOS 14.6. Head here for details.

12:25 pm (IST): The Apple Podcasts app seems to be the reason behind the many reports of battery drain and overheating iPhones after iOS 14.6 update. Head here for details.

Update 60 (July 20)

10:20 am (IST): As per recent reports, the Pegasus spyware from NSO Group can infect iPhone models running iOS 14.6 by exploiting ‘zero click’ vulnerabilities i.e., issues and bugs present in the said iOS version.

12:20 pm (IST): The iOS 14.7 stable update just went live with the following improvements and bug fixes for your iPhone:

MagSafe Battery Pack support for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max
Apple Card Family adds the option to combine credit limits and share one co-owned account with an existing Apple Card user
Home app adds the ability to manage timers on HomePod
Air quality information is now available in Weather and Maps for Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, and Spain

Podcasts library allows you to choose to see all shows or only followed shows
Share playlist menu option missing in Apple Music
Dolby Atmos and Apple Music lossless audio playback may unexpectedly stop
Battery service message that may have disappeared after reboot on some iPhone 11 models is restored
Braille displays could show invalid information while composing Mail messages

12:29 pm (IST): The Apple Music lossless audio cuts have been fixed with the iOS 14.7 update. For more details, head over to this link.

iOS 14/iPad OS 14 bugs issues tracker table

NOTE: The table below is being updated continuously with the latest iOS 14 bugs, issues, and updates.

Date Device Description of problem Status
Oct. 31 iPhone 12 Pro Camera focus issues at close range Workaround
Nov. 11 iPhones Copy-paste feature behaving unexpectedly Workaround
Nov. 12 iPhones Unable to send photos/images as email attachments or attach more than one image in Gmail Workaround
Dec. 17 iPhones Missing push notifications (no notification alerts) Still persists
Nov. 20 iPhones Unable to stack large widgets Workaround
Date Device Description of problem Status
Nov. 20 iPhone 12 series Overheating issues Workaround
Nov. 20 iPhone 12 series SMS message issues Still not fixed
Nov. 20 iPhone 12 series Unresponsive lockscreen Fixed
Nov. 20 iPhone 12 series Made for iPhone hearing devices sound quality issues Fixed
Nov. 24 iPhone 7 Microphone not working issue Workaround
Date Device Description of problem Status
Nov. 24 iPhone 11 series Speaker phone cutting out Workaround
Nov. 24 iPhones Headphone safety setting can’t be toggled off Possibly fixed
Nov. 24 iPhones “Unable to load video” error Workarounds (refer update 4 above)
Nov. 25 iPhones Google Authenticator not working Possible fix
Nov. 26 iPhone 12 Pro Wireless charging issues Fix released
Date Device Description of problem Status
Nov. 26 iPhones Can’t see lyrics on Apple Music Workarounds
Nov. 26 iPhones “Decryption failed (null)” error when accessing password-protected Word & Excel documents Workarounds
Nov. 27 iPhones Repeated email password requests Workarounds
Nov. 28 iPhone 12 Keyboard and lock sound issues Unacknowledged
Nov. 28 iPhones Apple Mail sender names appear in reverse Workaround
Date Device Description of problem Status
Nov. 28 iPads Mouse pointer size too large after iPadOS 14.2 update Workaround
Nov. 28 iPhones & iPads Typing lag/delay issues in the Notes and Messages apps Fixed
Dec. 02 iPhones & iPads Shooting start effect no longer available Intentionally removed
Dec. 03 Apple Watch Watch not ringing after using CarPlay via iPhone Workaround
Dec. 03 iPhones, iPads Safari tabs not syncing Fixed
Date Device Description of problem Status
Dec. 04 iPhones Apple Watch app keeps crashing Not fixed yet
Dec. 21 iPhones No members in contacts group Fixed
Dec. 07 iPhones/Apple Watch Apple Watch Walkie Talkie conversation causes iPhone to ring Unacknowledged
Dec. 08 iPhones Battery draining issues on iOS 14 Unacknowledged
Dec. 09 iPhones GIFs are being saved as still images on Chrome and Safari (in some cases) Unacknowledged
Date Device Description of problem Status
Dec. 15 iPhones iPhone taking screenshots at random Workaround
Dec. 15 iPhones Bottom row icons rearranged in reverse order automatically Unacknowledged
Dec. 16 iPads Logitech Combo Touch issues Workaround
Dec. 16 iPads Unable to download new Apple Fitness app Fixed
Dec. 18 iPhones Wi-Fi Calling issue Fixed by carrier update
Date Device Description of problem Status
Dec. 23 iPhone/iPad “Preparing video” bug in Photos app Possibly fixed Dec. 30 iPhone Screenshot freezing issue Workaround (Fix in works) Dec. 31 iPhone/iPad ‘Hum to search’ not working on Google app Still not fixed Jan. 28 iPhone Netflix playback error Fixed Feb. 02 iPhone/iPad Braille display connectivity issues Unacknowledged
Date Device Description of problem Status
Feb. 04 iPhone/iPad FaceTime calls dropping/crashing Fixed (1, 2)
Feb. 16 iPhone App Library alphabetical sorting issue Unacknowledged
Feb. 16 iPhone Network drop/disconnect issues Workarounds
Feb. 19 iPhone “Show Full Album” feature missing from Apple Music Unacknowledged
Mar. 04 iPhone/iPad Google Nest “Something went wrong…enabled local network access” Workarounds
Date Device Description of problem Status
Mar. 09 iPhone/iPad Processing malicious web content due to memory corruption issue Fixed
Mar. 11 iPhone Gmail app theme setting missing Workaround
Mar. 15 iPhone Can’t play WhatsApp voice notes (iOS 14.5 beta) Potential fix identified
Mar. 24 iPhone 12 series T-Mobile 5G SA option removed Fixed
Apr. 02 iPhone 11 series Battery drain and calibration issues Possible fix
Date Device Description of problem Status
Apr. 08 iPhone/iPad Frozen “Allow Apps to request to Track” Working
Apr. 21 iPhone Missing caller blocking & identification options Fixed
Apr. 21 HomePod Unable to download iOS 14.5/stuck on configuring update Workarounds
Apr. 30 iPhone Camera and flashlight not working after iOS 14.5 Workaround
May 01 iPad Gmail “View entire message” not working Unacknowledged
Date Device Description of problem Status
May 03 iPhone Apple Music unable to download/play songs Unacknowledged
May 03 iPhone Flashing widgets on iOS 14.6 beta 2 User reports
May 04 iPhone iOS 14.5.1 update stuck Workarounds
May 06 HomePod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV Siri not working properly with Apple Music and home appliances controls User reports
May 10 iPhone iPassword app not working on iOS 14.5 User reports
Date Device Description of problem Status
May 28 iPad Audio stuttering/skipping on headphones Unacknowledged
May 29 iPhone/iPad Apple Mail not loading Temporary workaround
May 29 iPhones Touch unresponsive issue Workarounds
May 30 iPhones Battery drain issue following iOS 14.6 update Workarounds
June 02 iPhone 12 series Screen brightness dimming issue Replacement
Date Device Description of problem Status
June 02 iPhone iOS Live Photo wallpaper on 3D touch plays with a half black screen Workaround
June 05 iPhone SIM Failure error on iOS 14.7 beta 2 Unacknowledged
June 16 iPhone Screen Time incorrect/inaccurate usage info Unacknowledged
July 07 iPhone Apple CarPlay not working after iOS 14.6 update Unacknowledged
July 16 iPhone 7 iOS 14.6 mic not working Unacknowledged
Date Device Description of problem Status
July 16 iPhone Apple Podcasts app causing excessive battery drain Unacknowledged
July 20 iPhone Apple Music lossless audio cuts Fixed

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