VIDEO: Kent Chamber 2021 In-Person Candidate Forum had some interesting moments

At its members’ lunch on July 1, 2021, the Kent Chamber of Commerce hosted an in-person candidate forum featuring six people vying for Kent City Council and King County Council.

The forum – which lasted just over an hour and was held at the Alki Bakery Cafe – was moderated by Carmen Goers, with assistance from Todd Minor. It included pre-written questions posed by Goers, as well as questions submitted by the public posed by Minor.

It was the first in-person bedroom breakfast since March 2020, and at times it was very…interesting.

Not all candidates were able to attend; however, there were four vying for Kent Town Council and two for King County Council.

Participants included, for Kent City Council:

    • Brenda Fincher *, ext. 6
    • Bradley Cairnes, ext. 6
    • Toni Troutner *, Position n ° 4
    • Cliff Cawthorn, position # 4

King’s County Council:

    • Dave Upthegrove *
    • Shukri Olow


The primary election will take place on Tuesday, August 3, with the first two having won the vote moving to the general election on November 3.

In the first round of introductions, Bradley Cairnes, who is running against Brenda Fincher for the No.6 position, said the following in his opening statement:

“Hello. My name is Bradley Cairnes from Kent. Born and raised. I’m not here because I want to. I didn’t choose this race. This race chose me. And the reason why I am here… it has been brought to my attention that there are police officers and government officials in our area… they act outside of their oath. If you are elected – if you choose me to lead , I promise you that the people in whom our children are raised in trust, respect and admiration for you will conduct themselves with dignity and honor. I promise you there will be no other way. Kent “is a very diverse community. And if we don’t start learning how to be able to climb other people. They don’t look like us… we’re going to end up killing each other.”

After the presentations, Goers read the following statement from Larry Hussey, who decided to boycott the forum:

“My name is Larry Hussey and I am running for Kent City Council # 6. I am currently boycotting the COVID vaccination until the end of the “Joints for Jabs” program. This program allows 18-year-olds to get a free vaccination and then a free marijuana product. I’m not even a parent and that scares me anyway. Shout out to my fellow Toastmasters and to my fellow WAZZUites. I would like to humbly ask the business community for your vote in the primary and general elections. Thank you very much, Larry Hussey.

Issues discussed included hiring more police officers, police reform, public safety / crime, keeping businesses in Kent and more.

Watch the full Applicant Forum below (duration 1 hour, five minutes):

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