Weber’s 2022 line of smart grills includes gas and pellet options

Grilling season will be here before you know it, so one of the biggest names in backyard cooking is leaning in for spring. Today, Weber announced its 2022 lineup of smart grills with options for cooks who prefer gas or pellet burning options. Regardless of fuel source, all new models featured here are equipped with the company’s WiFi-enabled Weber Connect technology. With it, you can control and monitor your grill from your phone, keeping an eye on the cooking process while you work on side dishes or relax with guests.

Weber Connect was first available on the Smart Grilling Hub, but its big debut came on first-generation SmokeFire pellet grills. The technology not only provides recipes, but also walks you step-by-step through the cooking process, from how to prepare the meat to when to turn it, and how long to rest it before slicing. In a bid to outsmart the competition, the app also provides estimated cooking times so you won’t be guessing when that brisket will finally hit 205 degrees Fahrenheit. In 2021, the company brought the technology to its Genesis line of gas grills, offering the same convenience as SmokeFire with a more commonly used fuel source — plus the ability to monitor your propane tank level.

For 2022, Weber is taking convenience even further with a range of new Genesis gas grills and a new version of SmokeFire. First, the Genesis line of smart grills still includes Weber Connect above PureBlu high-temperature burners, searing area, side table, extendable upper cooking grate and “night vision”. As the name suggests, this last element allows you to see the cooking surface after dark, with motion-sensing LEDs that can illuminate the entire cooking area when you open the lid, including the tables. sides/burner. The lights are on the back of the handle, with a power button on the outside to turn them off completely. Weber says the new Genesis models will be available in three- and four-burner options as well as models with porcelain enamel or stainless steel finishes.


For the SmokeFire pellet grill this year, Weber is going all black. Dubbed the Stealth Edition, the black-on-black color scheme eliminates the original’s silver accents along the sides of the lid, side shelf and handles. Weber Connect is always on board, helping you with everything from high heat searing to slow, slow smoking. The general design is the same except for the addition of interior lighting for better visibility. As someone who has used a SmokeFire grill before sunrise and after dark, a built-in light is a welcome change.

Along with grills, Weber is also introducing new accessories that it calls Weber Crafted. The tool collection includes a double-sided sear rack, flat-top griddle, baking stone (for pizza, etc.), roasting basket, wok/steamer combo, and rotisserie skewers. Special grids and an insert allow you to swap accessories on charcoal, gas or pellet grills. The company explains that these add-ons let you steam, bake, roast and more, and you can do it on the grill rather than having to venture inside. In addition, the new Genesis grills have a compartment and hooks to store the new products. No word on pricing yet, but each item will be sold separately when it arrives this spring.

The new Genesis models and the Stealth Edition of SmokeFire will also go on sale this spring. The former will range from $1,049 to $2,149 while the latter is $1,399.

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Gallery: 2022 Weber Smart Grills | 27 Pictures

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