What are fake phone calls?

Spoofing a phone call to make it look like someone else is calling you is much more accessible than you might think.

Your phone rings and a familiar name and number appears on the screen, you answer the call but instead of your friend on the other end of the line you hear strange sounds, voices do not ring quite correctly and the contents of the phone call made no sense to you.

You have most likely been the target of a fake phone call, where someone used the name and number of someone you know or trust and recorded it on phone software that masks the phone. real caller identity.

Police were called to the home of MP Jason Azzopardi on Wednesday morning after receiving phone calls from a source masquerading as his cell number saying he was in distress. The home of a high-level journalist was also visited by the police for the same reasons.

While just a few years ago, achieving something like this might have required specialist telephony knowledge, modern software has made installation fairly accessible and easy to do quickly and inexpensively, said experts who preferred to remain anonymous. Malta timetables.

What is the white label?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP software that allows users to make phone calls over the Internet is readily available from most application stores.

Unlike communication apps like Messenger or WhatsApp, which have a feature of allowing users to call each other using their accounts, VoIP allows users to call phone numbers.

Although it is rarely used at the consumer level, businesses at the commercial level often make use of it, especially when it comes to mass communication with its customer base.

Such a practice is daily: when you receive an SMS from your bank for example, or a delivery service informing you that there is a parcel behind your door, you often do not see a number but the name of the company on your screen.

This practice is known as white labeling and it is when a telecommunications company allows a customer to replace their caller ID with a name instead of a number.

While perfectly harmless as a business solution, when provided to the wrong actors, it gives the ability to set the Caller ID to whatever name or number that person chooses, allowing them to spoof the caller ID. identity of a trusted contact and hide the origin of his calls.

While some apps attempt to prevent abusive behavior by requiring users to verify ownership of the phone number they set as a caller ID, there are still ways around this issue and it is still possible to do so. ” acquire the caller ID of your choice without further verification.

In March, telecommunications service provider GO had to warn customers that crooks were using such software and calling customers asking them to download software or personal banking information.

The company would never request sensitive information of this nature over the phone.

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