What is Numverify and why is it good to verify your users by their phone number

Lead quality: the last frontier. If your brand or site is known to attract scammers and resourceful customers, you might be interested in NumVerify. If your visitors offer you a phone number, you can use this handy and handy web tool to automatically sort the wheat from the chaff.

Time is not money – real conversions, however, are worth about as much as gold. Save your resources for real customers; NumVerify can help you eliminate pranksters from your prospect list in no time.

Free Phone Number Verification and Lookup API with NumVerify

In a word, NumVerify is used to check the validity of any phone number. You can either do the research yourself on the back-end or add the NumVerify API service directly to your website or app so your user base can verify itself.

NuVerify uses a RESTful JSON API, covering domestic and international phone numbers in 232 countries around the world. With each request, the number in question is cross-checked against complete numbering plan databases with the most recent.

Your results will come in JSON format, giving the following values:

  • Whether or not the number is valid and in service
  • The local and international format
  • The country of origin of the phone number
  • An approximate location
  • Whether or not the line is a mobile line or a fixed line
  • In some cases you will even find the carrier that represents the phone number

You can try NumVerify for free, or you can sign up for a Basic, Professional, or Enterprise plan for $9.99, $39.99, and $99.99 per month, respectively. A free account comes with up to 100 demo API requests. If you like what the service has to offer, we can definitely recommend upgrading.


Paying your plan annually will save you 20%; you’ll get unlimited technical support, 256-bit encryption, and up to 250,000 API requests for those with lots of phone numbers to verify.

How NumVerify Works

Verifying a phone number with NumVerify.

When you sign up for NumVerify, you receive your own unique API access key. This identity is used to authenticate each API request made by your account; To use NumVerify, this passcode and the phone number itself are the only two ingredients you’ll need to proceed.

This process takes place on your NumVerify dashboard When you first start, through this portal, you will find a simple and straightforward number validation form just below your API access key.

To perform a reverse lookup on any phone number, you just need to plug it in with its country code included. hit the green Course and your JSON results will appear in a new browser window. This simple and light landing page will tell you everything there is to know about the phone number in question.

Why verify users by phone number?

A hand holding a smartphone.

Despite the relative omnipresence of web marketing today, telephone marketing is far from dead. Phone number verification not only keeps you in touch with your customer base, but tools like NumVerify can also use their phone numbers to tell you a lot about them, all valuable information you can incorporate into your program. marketing.

Getting to know those on the other end of the line is just the beginning. Here are some of the top benefits of phone number verification in digital marketing and e-commerce:

  • Phone number verification tells you exactly where your users are coming from geographically
  • It also helps you verify each user’s true identity, authenticating every interaction they have with your site, application, or service.
  • If you make appointments, reverse phone number lookup minimizes no-shows, allowing your team to maximize every genuine visit
  • Make sure every outreach effort gets to a real person – you’ll keep your customers, viewers, or readers informed without wasting your resources on dead-end leads
  • Your employees will be able to manage your customers without wasting time searching for invalid phone numbers
  • If you do SMS telemarketing, verifying every phone number will help your team stay compliant with telemarketing laws in your area.
  • The more information you have about your customers, the more you can customize each campaign to suit their needs and demographics.
  • And, finally: the phone verification tool helps you weed out fake leads and “customers” who may not be serious about your product or service.

Whether you are more interested in bulk phone number verification or looking up phone numbers on an individual basis, NumVerify will always be able to satisfy you.

Verify phone numbers for free with NumVerify

Purge your leads with the best of them; NumVerify is our marketing tool of choice whenever the veracity of your contributors or contacts is in question. It’s extremely easy to use and hasn’t failed us in our own work yet. To get started, you can sign up for your free trial today.

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