Woman shares ‘cruel’ response she received from company after texting deceased sister’s number

A woman shared the “cruel” response she received from a company that now owns her late sister’s phone number after texting the number frequently.

Faith Sidman, who goes by the username @man of faith1 on TikTok, shared a screenshot of the text message exchange in a video posted on the app this week, in which she could be seen sending grief messages to a contact named “Sissy”, only to be told to “stop texting”.

“I wish I could call you right away,” one read, while Sidman sent another message in July to the phone number, in which she wrote, “I think of you a lot today. I love you.”

However, the post prompted a response from the number’s new owner, who wrote: “You have a wrong number.”

In response to the message, Sidman apologized before explaining that the number previously belonged to his late sister, who died two years ago. She also assured the new owner that she would no longer be sending messages.

“I’m sorry, my sister passed away two years ago and I still text her every now and then, I thought the number was out of service, I won’t text anymore”, she wrote .

However, TikToker’s apology and explanation elicited a “cold” response from the new recipient, who informed Sidman that she had contacted a “company” before urging her to “please stop dying.” ‘send text messages “.

“It was a business. Please stop texting, ”the message read.

In the caption, Sidman admitted that she was at least grateful for the opportunity to see her sister’s name appear on her phone again. “At least I got to see his name appear on my phone one last time,” she wrote.

The video, which has since been viewed over 1.2 million times, drew indignant reactions from viewers, with many urging Sidman to share the company name.

“It’s time for them to close their doors,” one wrote, while another said, “Don’t be shy, tell us about the business. “

Someone else added, “Personally, I’d like to leave them an average Yelp review for this one.”

Others have expressed sympathy for Sidman’s loss and the response from the new owner, with one viewer acknowledging how difficult it must have been to see a text from his sister’s contact appear on his phone.

“I can only imagine the emotions when you saw ‘she’ text you back and open the message to them being sarcastic. I’m so sorry,” they wrote.

Another person said, “It broke my heart for you. “

The video also prompted viewers to encourage Sidman to continue texting the number or asking the new owner to block her, as many TikTok users have pointed out that she may continue to use the number as an outlet for his grief without upsetting the new owner. if his number was blocked.

“I’m so sorry that someone is so cold hearted like this baby, keep texting the number,” another viewer commented. “I hope they block it and you can keep texting to heal.”

Someone else reminded Sidman that she can do “whatever [her] comfort”.

There were also those who suggested that Sidman return a rude response, with one person claiming they returned the “coldest, meanest message.”

The independent contacted Sidman for comment.

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